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Why you need a
Rescue Plan

If you work at height with a fall arrest system you might feel safe knowing it will break your fall. But without immediate action you still face considerable danger. Here's why...

In 5 minutes Suspension Intolerance
can change a life forever.

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Effects of falling

20% face death
within 10 minutes...

After a fall the body goes through several stages of physical distress. These are a group of conditions known as Suspension Intolerance and Reflow Syndrome. Their effects can be devastating. So much so in fact that 20% of all fall casualties are presumed dead within 10 minutes. And for everyone else? Within the hour.

Emergency Services?

There's no time
to call 999.

In as little as 5 mintutes a fall victim can suffer brain damage. It's a testament to our emergency services that they can respond within 8 minutes, but for us that's already too late.

Why Rescue  Your Duty
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Your Duty

Two Responsibilities:
One Moral. One Legal.

Work at height is risky. That means we have a duty not just to ourselves, but to others. For employers it means making adequate rescue provisions for the workforce. For operatives it means acting quickly in an emergency. And it's not just a moral duty, it's a legal one too.

See: WAH Regulations 2005 and British Standard 8437.

Rescue Courses
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Take Action

Training & Equipment.
Fulfil Your Duties.

Fulfilling your duties requires two things: equipment and training. That means selecting the right recovery systems and certifying employees to operate them. Because training and equipment are closely linked we believe they go hand in hand. By manufacturing our own rescue equipment and basing our courses around it, Leading Edge offer the safest, simplest way to satisfy your rescue provisions.

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Explore the Winch, Descent, Haul and Multi-Method height rescue courses.

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